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Canada Sports & Recreation: 

Sports grants & recreation facilities grants to enhance the lives of girls and boys through physical activity and responsible sports, youth sports, wildlife sports, and community sports programs.   33 Sports & Recreation Grants for Canada.

Grants to Edmonton, Alberta Nonprofits, Schools, and IHEs for Environmental Conservation

Deadline: 03/17/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to Edmonton, Alberta nonprofit organizations, community leagues, IHEs, and schools to promote environmental stewardship and energy conservation. An information session is scheduled for February 10. Applicant must discuss proj... GrantWatch ID#: 168834

Grants to Canada Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Physical Activity Programs for Children with Disabilities

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to Canada nonprofits, agencies, and schools for ongoing physical activity programs for children ages 4-14 with physical and intellectual disabilities. The program must demonstrate an identifiable outcome and take place in Can... GrantWatch ID#: 177555

Grants to British Columbia Nonprofits to Promote Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to British Columbia nonprofit organizations to enhance cultural and recreation opportunities in Cedar, South Wellington, Yellowpoint, and Cassidy. Funding may be requested for a broad range of initiatives related to culture a... GrantWatch ID#: 177708

Grants to Colchester County, Nova Scotia Nonprofits to Improve Recreational Facilities

Deadline: 02/24/17

Grants of up to $40,000 to Colchester County, Nova Scotia nonprofit community organizations to improve outdoor recreational facilities. Applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. Funding may be requested for capital projects involving ... GrantWatch ID#: 179251

Grants to Colchester County, Nova Scotia Community Nonprofits to Purchase Insurance Policies

Deadline: 02/27/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Colchester County, Nova Scotia nonprofit community organizations and groups to defray the cost of purchasing insurance policies. Applications will be accepted from nonprofit associations and groups that work to benefit the ... GrantWatch ID#: 179253

Grants to Newfoundland and Labrador Nonprofits and Individuals for Community Health and Wellness Initiatives

Deadline: 02/28/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Newfoundland and Labrador nonprofit groups or individuals to support initiatives that promote the overall health of residents within the region. The goal of this grant program is to provide funding and other resources to e... GrantWatch ID#: 174814

Grants to Edmonton, Alberta Nonprofits to Host Sports, Recreational, and Cultural Events

Deadline: 03/03/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Edmonton, Alberta nonprofit organizations to host amateur sports events, recreational events, and multicultural events within city limits. Eligible events may be international, national, and provincial in scale. Events must... GrantWatch ID#: 173802

Grants to Kelowna, British Columbia Resident Groups to Enhance Local Neighborhoods

Deadline: 03/03/17

Grants of up to $1,500 to Kelowna, British Columbia resident groups to enhance the quality of life in local neighborhoods. This program supports resident-led projects that enable communities to take action to improve their neighborhoods. Through wor... GrantWatch ID#: 179846

Grants to Canada Nonprofits, Local Municipalities and Agencies, Sports Groups, and Senior Housing Corporations fo...

Deadline: 03/13/17

Matching grants of up to $15,000 Grants to Niagara, Ontario registered charities, amateur athletic associations, and senior housing corporations for community service projects that build national pride. Funding is intended for projects that support ... GrantWatch ID#: 178312


Grants to Alberta Nonprofits, Schools, and Native Settlements to Enhance Public Facilities Through Capital Proje...

Deadline: 03/15/17

Grants to Alberta nonprofits, foundations, native settlements, and institutions of higher education for capital projects that will enhance public facilities within local communities. Funding will be awarded to renovate, build, repair, upgrade, acqui... GrantWatch ID#: 177499

Grants to Whitehorse, Yukon Local Organizations and Groups to Promote Recreational Activities

Deadline: 03/15/17

Grants to Whitehorse, Yukon local organizations and volunteer community groups to promote, develop, and enhance recreational opportunities for local residents. Funding may be requested for capital purchases, equipment purchases, operations and maint... GrantWatch ID#: 178092


Grants to USA and Canada Schools in Eligible Locations for Special Programs and Equipment Needs

Deadline: 03/17/17

Grants of up to $2,500 to USA and Canada schools in communities where the funding source has a business presence to develop special school-wide programs, rebuild equipment and academic materials inventories, and support school-based academic clubs, ... GrantWatch ID#: 178835

Grants to Canada Public Elementary Schools for Sports, Arts, and Extra-Curricular Activities

Deadline: 03/31/17

Grants of up to $3,000 to Canada public K-8 schools for projects or programs in the areas of drama, recreation, arts, music, sports, or other extra-curricular activities. Proposed activities should create a fun environment that enhances students' le... GrantWatch ID#: 176857


Grants to Saskatchewan Nonprofits and Groups for Children and Youth Development and Community Engagement

Deadline: 04/01/17

Grants of up to $25,000 for local projects and grants of up to $50,000 for provincial projects to Saskatchewan nonprofits and volunteer community groups to support healthy development and growth of children and youth; community engagement and capaci... GrantWatch ID#: 174511


Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits, Municipalities, and Schools for Youth Baseball or Softball P...

Deadline: 04/01/17

Grants averaging $40,000 to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and school districts that are involved in youth baseball or softball programs. Funding may be used for facilities or equipment, new programs, expansi... GrantWatch ID#: 178547


Grants to Alberta Nonprofits, Agencies, and Private Sector Organizations to Design and Construct Facilities in E...

Deadline: 04/05/17

Grants to Alberta nonprofits, public service providers, and private sector organizations to plan, design, and construct public facilities in Edmonton. Funding will be given to organizations with a mandate in arts and culture, multi-cultural activiti... GrantWatch ID#: 179071

Grants to Manitoba Nonprofits for Youth Programming in Public Housing Communities

Deadline: 04/15/17

Grants to Manitoba youth-serving nonprofit organizations to provide recreational, educational, and cultural programming for youth residing in designated public housing communities. Programs may be attended by youth and children up to 29 years of age... GrantWatch ID#: 175455

Grants to USA and Canada Organizations and Individuals in Eligible Regions for Fundraising Events for Social Caus...

Deadline: 04/15/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, North Dakota, and Montana charities, nonprofits, ad hoc organizations, committees, and individuals to cover the costs of fundraising events for social causes in rural communiti... GrantWatch ID#: 179699

Grants to British Columbia Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools, and First Nations for Projects Using Recycled Tire Pro...

Deadline: 12/31/17

Grants of up to $30,000 to British Columbia nonprofits, agencies, schools, and First Nations settlements to support projects using local recycled tire products. Funding may be used towards projects that use local recycled rubber, are fully public, a... GrantWatch ID#: 179163


Grants to Thunder Bay, Ontario Nonprofits to Hold Race Events on Public Streets

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Thunder Bay, Ontario nonprofit organizations to hold races on public city streets. Applications will be considered for sporting competitions that demonstrate the potential to attract tourists and participants from out of town. This program... GrantWatch ID#: 139756

Grants to Edmonton, Alberta Athletes and Teams for Travel to Compete in Sports Championships

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $4,375 to Edmonton, Alberta individual athletes and amateur sports teams for financial support to cover the cost of traveling to sports championship events (in Western Canada, nationally, or internationally) in which they compete. GrantWatch ID#: 155238

Grants to Edmonton, Alberta Individuals, Teams for Travel to Participate in Recreation, Multicultural Events

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $4,375 to Edmonton, Alberta individual residents, groups, and teams for travel costs for the purpose of participating in a recreation or multicultural event at a Western Canada, national, or international level. GrantWatch ID#: 155239

Grants to Nova Scotia Provincial Sports Organizations to Hire Sports Coaches

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $35,000 to Nova Scotia provincial sports organizations to support investment in full-time coaches. Funding is intended for qualified individuals to be hired to serve as provincial coaches and technical development leaders for their r... GrantWatch ID#: 159609

Grants to Nova Scotia Sports Organizations for Facility Rentals at a Major Sports Training Facility

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $5,000 to Nova Scotia individual athletes and teams for training time at major sports training facility. The grant provides up to half the cost of facility rentals for gym, track and pool usage, as well as training and testing progra... GrantWatch ID#: 159611

Grants to Nova Scotia Sports Coaches for Certification Programs and Training Initiatives

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Nova Scotia sports coaches for certification or training initiatives. Coaches will be supported based on the quality of their initiative and their ability to assist Nova Scotia athletes and coaches at all levels. Generally, funding will n... GrantWatch ID#: 159612

Grants to Nova Scotia High-Performance Athletes for Direct Support

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Nova Scotia provincial sport organizations for direct assistance to high-performance athletes who do not qualify for current funding from other Canadian organizations but who have been recognized for their potential high-performance result... GrantWatch ID#: 159614

Grants to Canada Organizations for Arts, Education, and Financial Literacy Events

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Canada organizations for events that have a strong community impact and social benefit. Funding will be provided for sponsorship opportunities in one or more of the following areas: arts and culture, cultural, education, financial literac... GrantWatch ID#: 161570

Grants to Eastern Canada Nonprofits and Agencies for Capital Community Projects

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island nonprofits, municipalities, and agencies for projects that rehabilitate existing community facilities. Projects will be selected on the basis of readiness, fun... GrantWatch ID#: 163428

Grants to British Columbia and Yukon Agencies and Schools to Provide Swimming Lessons

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to British Columbia and Yukon agencies and schools to provide swimming lessons to third grade students during school hours. Funds may be used to help defray the costs of transporting students between school and pool, instructor costs, and aqu... GrantWatch ID#: 165399


Grants to Yukon Nonprofits and High School Groups to Attend Sports, Arts, and Recreation Events

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $200 to Yukon nonprofit organizations and high school extracurricular groups to attend arts, recreation, and sports events. Funding will defray the cost of travel both within and outside of Yukon. The purpose of this program is to he... GrantWatch ID#: 165466

Grants to Organizations in the Northwest Territories for Programs to Increase Physical Activity in Elders

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants up to $2,500 to Northwest Territories health, elder or organizations, schools, or community governments for programs to improve access to physical activity opportunities for elders. Funding is intended to increase independence and functional ... GrantWatch ID#: 173051

Raise Money on Uhelpfund for Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Start-ups, Inventions, and Disaster Relief throughout t...

Deadline: Ongoing

Uhelpfund is used to raise money while applying for grants. The 30-day crowdfunding strategy will empower you to utilize your "crowd", social media and email contacts to ask for contributions, and to ask contributors to forward your campaign to thei... GrantWatch ID#: 173609

Grants to Calgary, Alberta Nonprofits and Schools to Enhance the Community with Public Green Play Spaces

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $25,000 to Calgary, Alberta nonprofits, schools, or organizations for projects that will enhance the local community's public green areas. Applicants should contact the Foundation before applying. The Foundation will consider funding... GrantWatch ID#: 173761

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